How ParPoints Golf scoring works

Download the ParPoints app, head to your favorite (or nearest) course, and fire it up. The app handles the scoring so you can focus on draining putts, strategizing how to play each hole, and obliterating your competition.


Choose a starting spot for each hole.

Play every hole your way. Pick a spot from which you think you can make par, and play from there. It doesn't have to be from a tee box—it could be from the middle of the fairway, wherever you want! The key thing to remember is that the par value for the hole stays the same—whatever the scorecard says it is—no matter where you start from. So if you start a par 5 from 150 yards out, you get 5 strokes to make par from that distance.

Go make par! Points are based on your starting distance.

If you start a hole from 150 yards out, you would get 150 points for making par (and remember, the par is still what is on the scorecard). As you can see, the farther back you start, the more points you can score. So let's say you start a par 4 from 150 yards out and get in the hole on your 4th shot: nice par! That's 150 points. If you start a par 5 from 150 yards out and make it in your 4th shot, that's a birdie, just like it normally would be. And in that case...

Your points multiply for birdies, eagles, etc.

So back to our example. If you start from 150 yards out on a par 5 and get a birdie 4, your points double to 300. Shoot an eagle 3? Your points are tripled to 450! (Remember, we started from 150 yards, so our baseline points for par was 150. 150 x 3 = 450; at least we're pretty sure that's right...)

Bogeys are worth 0. Zero. Zilch. We're here to make par.

Nothing ruins a peaceful round of golf like hacking through the trees trying to save triple bogey. It just takes one blow-up hole to blow up a whole afternoon. We don't want that. We also don't want newcomers scared to play with more experienced players because they'll take too long to chunk three chips, four-putt, and card a 12. ParPoints isn't a handicapping system; we're not here to introduce parity of scores. We're here to bring parity to pace of play, so players of all levels can live harmoniously together on the course. This system also lets you be aggressive on your par putts, turning mid-round frustrations into fist pumps.