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A great learning tool for youth golfers!

The barrier of entry for kids starting to play golf can be pretty high. Courses are long and daunting, and strokes for young players balloon out of control, discouraging kids from coming back out to play. We need those kids playing more golf, not less. That's where ParPoints comes in.

father and son playing parpoints golf
When kids make more pars, they play more golf.

ParPoints makes golf more fun by allowing for success early on.

With ParPoints, junior golfers can start a hole from a distance that actually gives them a fighting chance to make par, physically. And when they make par, when they see that ball roll into the cup after a clutch putt, you’ll get less “Can we go home now?” and more “Can we play one more hole?”

Golf courses are long, tricky, and intimidating to young golfers. Use ParPoints to focus on the number of strokes taken as opposed to the distance covered. Get into the mindset that for these youth golfers, a par from 100 yards out is still a par.

Kids can actually see improvement with their own eyes.

When a kid consistently begins to make par from a short distance and is able to move back and work on par from farther away, they’re going to see and feel the positive vibes from that progression. When we ask kids to start from tee boxes and gauge improvement by shooting a 12 instead of a 14 on a hole, they may never get to that point, because the difficulty at the beginning is so steep, they may just give up.

We don’t want that! We want them on the course having a blast playing golf and making par. So we flatten that learning curve by making par the constant, with the distance the variable. We've also gamified golf by rewarding players with bag tags that mark milestones and achievements.

No app? No problem! Keep score for kids without an account.

Hopefully, kids are out playing golf before they get phones of their own. We've planned for that. With ParPoints, a parent or instructor can keep score for kids without needing to sign them up for their own accounts, or have their own phones out on the course. Scores and names aren't saved to our servers, but the gameplay is the same.