two novice women golfers

ParPoints makes golf fun for beginners.

Let's be honest: the intimidation factor for golf is legit. The game is hard, and it's hard to start learning and getting better when there are eyeballs on you as you figure things out—often the eyeballs of much more experienced golfers. But what if it didn't have to be that way?

Play the course on your terms.

When a golf course is played the way it was laid out by its architect, the challenge for new golfers can be overwhelming. With ParPoints, you essentially get to reconfigure the course to match your skill level. Shorten holes to manageable distances by starting from wherever you feel confident; no need to adhere to the tee boxes. You can avoid troublesome hazards like water and bunkers too—play each hole on your own terms so you can maximize your chances of success.

Starting distance = points possible for par.

You get points relative to your starting position, so it’s a basic risk/reward game. The farther back you start a hole, the more points you can score when you make par. Bogeys are worth zero, though, so don’t be a hero when you’re starting out: scoot up and start each hole from a spot where you think you can make par and score points.
Tee it up from wherever you can go make par.

Increase your pace of play as you learn how to play.

ParPoints wasn't founded by a bunch of scratch golfers. Okay, one of us is a scratch golfer—but the rest of us aren't! We shank long irons, have to hunt for balls in the trees, and pray we don't 3-putt every green, just like many of you. And just like you, the main factor in our anxiety on the golf course is how long we're taking on each hole, whether we're holding up better golfers with us, or behind us.

That's why, with ParPoints, we focused on bringing parity to pace of play. By starting a hole from where you're comfortable, and picking up if you don't make your par (no more scrambling frantically to hole out that humiliating quadruple bogey as your playing partners hover impatiently by the cart), we free you up to play with better golfers and relax.

Easily set goals for yourself and see your improvement.

Like all inexperienced golfers, you don't want to be seen as a beginner forever. You want to work on your game and improve while you're having fun on the course. With ParPoints, you can see your scores round by round, and view a ton of stats that help you measure your game. Track your progress and identify areas where you could stand to improve, and pat yourself on the back as your point totals go up-up-UP.
ParPoints user stats screen