Score your next golf tournament using ParPoints.

If you run an organization, a course, or a club, and you've got a golf tournament to plan, you should consider making it a ParPoints tourney. Why? Well, for one thing, it's free. That never hurts. It also works for groups of players with diverse skill levels and speeds up pace of play. Oh, and it's just a ton of fun. Let's summarize...
Get players—even struggling ones—around the course faster by eliminating bogeys. And doubles. And triples. And 12s.
Give everyone real-time access to the leaderboard, right on their phones, with the ParPoints app.
Host your tourney simultaneously across multiple courses, nationally—or worldwide—with a shared leaderboard.
Keep your tournament game PIN open for multiple days, so you can hold your event for an entire weekend, or longer, if you want.
Focus on the fun of golf, not the frustration, with ParPoints' arcade style scoring, suitable for players of all skill levels.
Give your tourney participants something new! Something fresh. Something they'll look forward to every year, and tell their friends about. That's ParPoints.

So you want to run a ParPoints tourney? Great! Here are the steps.

ParPoints in the Apple iOS App Store

Have all players and organizers download the app.

It'd be best if everyone downloaded the app before they came to the course the day of the tournament, so no one runs into network connectivity issues, but we won't nitpick.

Start a new game, and choose your game format.

You can play as INDIVIDUALS or on TEAMS. Team play can either be BEST BALL or TEAM TOTALS. In Best Ball, a team’s score reflects the highest score any of its players submits per hole.
game PIN parpoints screen

Share the Game PIN with everyone.

When you create a new game, a 4-digit PIN is generated. Make sure everyone has this PIN, as that’s how players will join the game and view the shared leaderboard.

Have the players join the game.

Once the game is created and the PIN is shared around, players can tap PLAY, followed by JOIN A GAME. Once they type in the PIN and confirm the details of the game’s creator, they’re in!
parpoints screen to choose golf course

Everyone chooses their course and starting hole.

Remember, ParPoints can be played across multiple courses simultaneously. So each player can choose a course and hole they're starting on—and each player’s choices can be different. Don’t worry, the app can handle it.
parpoints team leaderboard screen

Now tell everybody to get out there and go make par!

That's all there is to it! Sit back, relax, and watch the point totals roll in from happy golfers.