a golf coach or instructor with a youth golf kid

Helping golf coaches teach the game.

If you're a golf instructor or coach, you need a way to keep kids engaged and encouraged, so they keep learning your lessons. ParPoints helps with both, by allowing players to experience success early on and rewarding their efforts with rankings and bag tags they can collect like trophies.

ParPoints score delegation screen

ParPoints enables you to structure your practices with ease.

With the ParPoints scoring system based on yardage, there are numerous ways for you to set up drills, routines, goals, and challenges for your players. Set a minimum score for your kids to hit however they can. Set a fixed starting yardage they have to play from and see how many holes they score on. Use group-wide instructions or allow players to level up to farther distances individually as they improve.

Track your players' scores live as they practice.

With ParPoints, put all your team members into a group, join the group yourself, and watch their scores roll in hole by hole as they play out on the course. It’s an easy way to keep track of how your golfers are playing—and how fast they’re playing—all from your phone. The setup is a breeze since the app will geolocate the course you’re on and pull up everything automatically for you and your golfers.
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ParPoints bag tag achievements gallery

Keep your players engaged by keeping practices fresh.

As with anything, your players are going to stay focused more consistently when their daily routines are livened up. With ParPoints, that same course you practice on every single day can be new again—every time you play it. Have your team play holes from unique or challenging starting spots to teach them how to handle every scenario—and reward them when they score par or better.

The arcade style scoring, where you’re going for more points, not less strokes, also promises to keep things far more interesting as your golfers compete on the course for bragging rights, top spots, and against themselves in the never-ending quest to improve their games.