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Meet your new favorite alternate scoring for golf.

You love golf. You play it all the time. You're always at your course. The problem is, you play the same game. All the time. At the same course. Mix it up! With ParPoints, you can play your home course a million different ways, each time you play a round. And since you control your potential points, you can strategize and defend your lead like you've never been able to in golf before.

Starting holes from anywhere makes your old course new again.

Choose a good angle. Size a hole to fit your preferred club. Scoot up to the reds and go for the birdie that would shoot you past your opponent's par from the blues. Challenge yourself in a solo round by intentionally starting from bad spots and practice your escapes. Your home course has so much more to offer to your game than what you've ever experienced before ParPoints came into your golf life.
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ParPoints screen showing player joining a game

Compete with golfers from around the world.

Turn your foursome into a fortysome. With ParPoints, you can play in a group with golfers from anywhere around the world. That’s right: join a group and play your local course with other players on their local courses—all together in a single leaderboard with real-time scoring. We run a Mandatory Golf Friday (#MGF) group game weekly, and anyone can join to take on the ParPoints founders and everybody else in the group. Follow @parpointsgolf on Instagram to get the Game PIN each Friday, and jump in the fray.

See how you stack up against your friends.

What's the point of playing competitive golf against your buddies if you can't claim braggin' rights, and point the evidence out to your hapless foes—er, friends? ParPoints makes that easy and slick. Pull up your friend in the app and compare your head-to-head wins, winning streaks, and points. You can even go deeper and see who owns whom on each course you've played together. Don't just go make par. Go make more pars than they do.
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Stableford sucks. Try ParPoints for your next league outing.